The Team

Marcin Gabor

Head of tactical analysis & Development

With several years of experience as coach, analyst, sporting director and responsible for the introduction of the playing philosophy (professional area → youth) at some clubs. For many years, a lecturer on the UEFA coaching courses, coach and analyst conferences, as well as, further education of coaches and analysts.

Kerim Mashhour

Area Manager South / Southwest

Kerim also has experience as a coach at youth level. Also, he has an ideal preference for various tactical evaluations and statistics. He is responsible for the South/Southwest region and deals in detail with all topics related to analysis.

David Wood

Area Manager North / Northeast

David has worked as a video-scout and consultant-analyst for many clubs in Germany and abroad. He is now responsible for all tasks related to our analysis. He is responsible for all clubs cooperating with Die Ligen in the North/Northeast region.


Sven Röhrle

Daniel Fauss


Ricardo Rauch

Country Manager

Carlos Koehler

Area Manager West

Robin Weber


Sacha Gempek

Area Manager North

Tobias Schölzel

Area Manager South

Dmitry Abolmasov

Analysts - Core Team

Mikołaj Zych


Łukasz Jakubek

Dariusz Skiba

Krzysztof Siłka

Sebastian Szweda

Michał Gałązka

Jakub Skiba

Anna Lubowicka

Jakub Pietrzak

And other people who also actively support the team as trained analysts.

About us

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