In Germany, we organise three-stage analysis seminars for coaches, youth coaches, goalkeepers, analysts, sports directors and all those who want to develop their skills. Our seminars include the following topics:

  • Presentation of the analysis concept of The Leagues
  • Presentation of all products and services for team tactical analysis and team tactical player analysis
  • Introduction to the LongoMatch software
  • Analysis structure as a starting point for analytical work
  • Development of an analysis template – linked to your own game idea and game system
  • Definition of a tagging system
  • Working with databases
  • What are the differences between a game situation and a game scene?
  • Conducting an analysis
  • The working model of a trainer and the influence on analytical action
  • Support of an analyst in the daily process – with regard to tactical competence and trainer profile
  • What is a game idea? What is a game system? What is a game model?
  • Mutual influence of game system, stress structure, psyche and individual abilities
  • Direct and relative skills of a player
  • Game situations and categories of game situations
  • game phases
  • Playing field as a map
  • Formation and room layout
  • Qualitative or quantitative analysis?
  • Analytical Models
  • Own analysis and opponent analysis – differences
We can also offer a tactical seminar in Spain or France. Both for a group of trainers and analysts who simply contact us or for an association that wants to organise an internal event. In this case, please contact us at the e-mail address: