With the tagging products of all levels, there is a perfect opportunity to take a very close look at your own game under the tactical-magnifying glass. Coaches and analysts can check the implementation of tactical guidelines in concrete match situations, evaluate solutions under certain team-tactical conditions and compare them with the intended patterns of play. A long-term analysis in this form gives a great feedback for the further development of the team in the tactical area, also allows other topics to be examined and of course own work to reflect.

Detailed viewing and analysis of individual match situations – with the applied filter of the main and subcategories – is supplemented with practical and contextual analytical data with our help. In this case, the data are evaluations and match reports with the following names:

Short-term follow-up (based on a single game)
medium/long-term follow-up (several matches - several times per season)
medium/long-term preparation (several games - before each match day)

All evaluations also refer to the criteria listed below:

  • Number of total analysis elements determined
  • Type of contextual tactical components
  • Quality of applied solutions
  • action process
  • Evaluation of the course
  • Comparison of team tactical contexts in order to identify tendencies or
  • Define discrepancies

As an example, we present complete subject areas that are examined in the Rough Cut PREMIUM analysis. With all these categories each game scene in offensive behaviour is described and evaluated – BUILD UP PLAY and COUNTER.


Our evaluations are based on a sophisticated system. First, we assemble the simplest setups, then we perform data reconciliation in multiple interconnected tactical interrelationships, and finally we provide verifiable insights into complex analytical data complexes.

The unique selling point of Die Ligen Analyse is underpinned by team tactical evaluations of match progress and team performance in the area of context-oriented tactical analysis. We never support our partners with data where there is no evidence for interpretation. It is extremely important to us to give every coach and analyst concrete hints, which on the one hand can be classified as team tactical match analysis, but on the other hand already reflect concrete developments in a longer period of time and in addition provide input for the training work.