Die Ligen has been known for more than ten years for the recording of football matches. In the meantime, we have refined and professionalised this offering and laid it down as the basis for the entire area of analysis. Our “Video and Game Analysis” department offers many solutions and products for team-tactical behaviour. The portfolio ranges from live tagging on site (in the stadium), various tagging packages for entire teams and goalkeepers, to pre-and post-match reports, numerous tactical evaluations and detailed match reports.


We are currently working on a completely new approach to player tagging. In addition, we are holding three-step seminars for coaches and analysts to bring the world of analysis closer and ensure the next step in training. Thanks to our cooperation with LongoMatch (analysis software) we assist clubs, teams, coaches and analysts in these daily activities.


Our analysis packages are based exclusively on our own analysis system and tailor-made solutions, which demonstrate both tactical complexity and relevant inter-relationships, but also reflect the joint influence of both phases in the game. A big advantage for us: each passage is categorised by a trained analyst, precisely marked and evaluated accordingly. This gives us every opportunity to ensure the best quality and to evaluate every game uniformly, which is important for all short, medium and long-term analysis of capital.


On this website you will find all relevant information about our philosophy, products, events, but also technical articles about tactics, analysis, coaching, practical involvement of the analytical department in training design, about scouting and squad planning. So you can get to know our work better – with the help of the available videos and also our team.